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You get a lifetime membership!  Play it over and over to master the concepts.

Participate in the pre-launch workshops with the opportunity to provide your valuable input.

Join a webinar session to ask questions and make distinction on the game and the financial concepts behind it. 


  • Lifetime Membership for MentaMorph Money on the phone with increasing number of scenarios and levels for long term learning and enjoyment.
  • Participation in the MentaMorph Financial Basics and the Investment Basics Workshop Series. Each series includes four 90-minute webinar workshops. 
  • Free attendance at a Q&A webinar with the inventor

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Let’s schedule a program of “MentaMorph Financial Basics” with your participants. Whether it’s to deal with existing financial stress or to learn how to avoid it, you’ll gain invaluable insights!


  • Four 90 minute workshops
  • Membership and unlimited license of the game for all participants for one year
  • Free attendance at Q&A webinars with the inventor

Ask about our Introductory price until official launch.

Invest: $250

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Our vision is big – World Education.  The need is immediate.

We will make sure your funds go to a deserving individual or nonprofit for MentaMorph delivery.   Choose as many as you like for the contribution you want to make.

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