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If you think MentaMorph Money will be a boring financial talk, think again!

This is a learn by doing, trial and error, practice makes perfect financial education experience.

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Let’s schedule a program of “MentaMorph Money Basics” with deserving participants. Teens and adults alike will benefit from dealing with existing financial stress or learning how to avoid it.

Bring it to your school, for profit or nonprofit organization. The program can be delivered in one day, or four sessions, online or in person.

Our learn by doing, trial and error, practice makes perfect experience.


  • Four 90 minute modules
  • Use of MentaMorph Money on your device for one year from our release date
  • Free attendance at a Q&A webinar with the inventor

Sponsor our financial literacy mission.

Our vision is big – to mentally morph millions of mindsets about money. The need is now.

We will apply your funds to attendance for a deserving individual or towards a nonprofit for a MentaMorph program. Choose as many as you like for the contribution you want to make.

NOTE:  Contact us if you want to support at a higher level as sponsor, investor, lender or customer.