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We're mentally morphing mindsets about money.

MentaMorph Money provides an educational game experience about spending and investing for greatest return.

Try multiple scenarios and  multiple strategies to learn the patterns of financial choices.  Practice makes perfect!

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Menta Morph is ideal for teens and adults!

Entertainment that Educates

Education that Entertains


The Money Game

An interactive financial simulation game to practice complex financial decision-making.

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Educational content and discussions to ensure a deep understanding of the concepts.

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Financial Literacy. Reimagined.

It's hard to stay motivated when learning about financial literacy!

We made MentaMorph so fun that people would prefer learning
new skills while playing an exciting game.

Personalized Learning

Change characters, customize your profile, and add friends.

Unlock Rewards

In game rewards make learning fun and allows to gauge real progress.

Improve Quickly

Lessons on financial literacy go far beyond money — improve your life.

Gain Practical Knowledge

Managing the things we have in life is a never-ending pursuit we can all benefit from.

Enjoy a Memorable
Learning Experience

  • Make your financial mistakes here where it won’t cost you!
  • Education that Entertains AND Entertainment that Educates
  • Tools to relieve, avoid, counteract and eliminate financial pain

App Screenshots

Screens that carry through the entire financial journey of life...

An immersive simulation game on how to spend and invest for the greatest return. Both engaging and educational, the game contains invaluable lessons about financial investments, resource management, and life philosophies. Life is a balancing act between health, happiness, mental sanity, and wealth - and you get to decide how you want to live and play.

Financial choices in the real world are not made in isolation! You’ll understand the relationship within and between concepts of income, expenses, assets, liabilities, investments, and more.

You know you understand the concepts by using them. You experience how savings can protect against emergencies, how debt can reduce choices, how choosing to spend on expenses that provide little value can instead be put into savings and investments, and how that can increase your worth.

Choose a starting life scenario and see if you can build wealth and handle novel situations along the way. Play the same scenario with different strategies or try new scenarios. Get your practice here where it doesn’t cost you.  You also have access to educational content when you want it. text inside of a div block.


Adults and students find MentaMorph Money engaging and educational.  Read our workshop beta testers have to say...